Mermaids are SO in right now! Whether people are dressing up as a mermaid take to take Insta-worthy beach pics or they’re coloring their hair in all the colors of the rainbow, “mermaiding” is the thing.

A friend of mine was throwing a mermaid-themed birthday party for her 5-year-old daughter and she had asked me to decorate some cookie dough pretzel bites for the birthday party. I put my thinking cap on and began contemplating how I would decorate these pretzel bites into something the kiddos would love.

Mermaids are all about that pastel color and my fave color is mint so, uhh, lightbulb!!

I was immediately excited to decorate the bottom of the cookie dough pretzel bite in a soft mint color, as if it’s the mermaid’s tail. For the top of the cookie dough pretzel bite, I wanted to add some purple color (I’m thinking Ariel from Little Mermaid, amiright??).

Sea shells would be awesome, as well as some light drizzle. And let’s talk about the PEARLS!!! Pearls make everything better, holla! I decided to add some random pearls to the mint, as if the “mermaid tail” was shiny and shimmery.


I wanted to throw in some mermaid-themed Oreo pops into the mix as well, just because I was super excited to decorate desserts for this party. I figured I would have a little bit more freedom with the Oreo pops since those have a larger “canvas,” if you will.

These Oreo pops were more “beachy” than “mermaid.” I mixed various colors of melting chocolate, like dark blue, neon green, and violet in order to get different shades of colors. For the Oreo pops that were dipped in a light blue color, I added some brown sugar near the base of the lollipop stick to make it look like the sand on a beach. For the Oreo pops that were dipped in a darker color, I added some green or purple candied sugar, just for some pizazz. And to top all of these Oreo pops off, I added a sea shell!

Like on the cookie dough pretzel bites, these sea shells are pure chocolate, so yes, you can bet your booty that the 5-year-olds went crazy over the chocolate molds!

It’s times like these when I love being creative. Not only did the girlies looooove the Oreo pops and the cookie dough pretzel bites, but I thoroughly enjoyed making them. It’s nice to take a dessert that is made often in our household (both cookie dough pretzel bites and the Oreo pops) and add some flair!