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The shortbread cookie. The ultimate melt-in-your-mouth, tiny cloud, little piece of heaven cookie. One might call it basic, while one might spend countless nights dreaming about this perfect cookie. I am proud to admit that I do the latter.

I’ve tried baking and tasting many shortbread cookies and I’ve finally perfected my favorite beyond favorite recipe. These shortbread cookies are super buttery, rich, and quite tender, but they have a secret little twist in each bite… they’re filled with nonpareils (Christmas nonpareils to be specific) which gives them that incredible crunch, while the remainder of the cookie just crumbles inside your mouth. Oh my GOSH, I’M OBSESSED!

And one of my favorite parts about this recipe? Only. Five. Ingredients. We’re talking butter, sugar, salt, vanilla extract, and flour. Should you choose to add in the nonpareils, then you’ve got yourself a funfetti-filled, six-ingredient shortbread cookie recipe.

Oh my gosh I’m literally salivating as I’m typing this right now (weird? TMI?) and I’m so ready to hop in the kitchen to whip these bad boys right up. So enough chitchatting, let’s start baking!