Caramel Filled Chocolate Cupcakes

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The Archies said it well- “Sugar, oh, honey, honey, you are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you.”

caramelchococupcakesFINALToday’s dessert is alllll about the sugar. We’ll be making caramel filled chocolate cupcakes! Warning, you may find yourself spiraling into a sugar coma while reading about (and baking) these treats.

I’m not usually a fan of boxed desserts, especially when it comes to cupcakes and cakes. But if we’re keeping things simple, we’ve got to find a way to bring some pizzazz to the cupcake. And homemade caramel sauce is the solution! The caramel filling really enhances the flavor of the chocolate cake mix as well as the chocolate frosting.

The cupcakes were super simple to make, surprisingly. Carving the cupcake at the top in order for it to be filled back up with caramel wasn’t difficult in any way. I used a piping tip (the same one I used for the frosting) to push down into the cupcake. Once I removed the top, I scraped off some of the cupcake underneath the firmer top so the caramel would have some room to stay inside.

These caramel filled chocolate cupcakes were a major hit with the kiddos. Then again, what 7-year-old doesn’t like chocolate and caramel?! I deeply apologize to their teacher for giving these kids a sugar rush. At least she was able to look forward to their sugar crash!

Although these cupcakes don’t quite fit the norm of “PLB” ingredients standards, I still had a blast making (AND EATING) them. Hope you enjoy!

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