Who knew that the little girl who was the “primary taste tester” in the kitchen would grow to have her own business of baking and decorating cookies 20 years later AND live out her dream of winning a Food Network show?

Hi, I’m Kellie! And I’m the owner and cookier at Pretty Little Bakers. I’ve always been fascinated with baking and dancing around the kitchen. Momma and I used to bake for all occasions when I was younger… nay, she used to bake, I used to eat! 

After getting my college degree and working in the entertainment industry at Disneyland and in Los Angeles for about seven years, trust me when I say that I learned how to hustle. And during those crazy times, I would often bake different desserts (it’s quite therapeutic, ya know?) to share with co-workers. I quickly realized, this passion of mine couldn’t go to waste! 

Presenting: Pretty Little Bakers!

And my secret ingredient: FAMILY. 

As Walt Disney said, “it all started with a mouse,” well, for me, it all started with family. And that’s what this business has grown into! The whole family is involved in PLB – whether we’re talking Momma baking the cookies and making the icing, or Dad being the Chief Delivery Officer (yes, he wears his shirt and hat proudly!), or Kevin, my hubby, waking up early and staying up late with me to help finish orders; it’s truly a family affair! 

The most important ingredient that completes our Pretty Little Bakers recipe is YOU. Our Pretty Little Bakers community has exploded throughout the nation with a plethora of families decorating cookies. Plus we’ve been so fortunate to bake for corporate team-building activities and holiday parties! 

We’ve been so honored that our DIY cookie decorating kits have brought countless smiles and have let the creativity flow throughout numerous households. We thank you immensely for letting us bake our kits for you!