Oreo Truffle Roses – Mother’s Day Edition!

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IMG_8519Mother’s Day is on Sunday and I still haven’t gotten a gift for my momma. #HELP

If I order something online at this point, it may not get here on time (unless I’m ordering it from Amazon Prime, holla) so it’s timeFullSizeRender 10 to get creative. In addition to writing my momma a Mother’s Day card, reminding her how much I appreciate her and love her endlessly, I’m going to spend some of my time in the kitchen! (Are you shocked?) 😛

Flowers are always a great go-to gift for our mommas on Mother’s Day. So why don’t we make our mommas some edible roses?! Introducing Oreo truffle roses! 

giphyI’m straight up obsessed with these. I wish I could make these all of the time and keep them around in my kitchen. But if I did that, the flower bunch would slowly end up decreasing in flowers. And by slowly I mean every time I walk past my kitchen table. So there’s that.IMG_8346

These roses are completely edible. The inside is an Oreo truffle dipped in white chocolate (and I added sprinkles
just for fun and for a pop of color). I like using golden Oreos instead of regular Oreos because the color is much more soft and simple. It’s more pastel-like with the sprinkles, too. Very springtime. 😉

giphy (1)giphy (2)

Basically the inside of our roses are Oreo pops. But to make it extra special, the outside of the Oreo pop is colored fondant, arranged as a flower! And boom, we have an Oreo truffle rose!

Watch the video below from Maria Menounos’s digital magazine “Hello EveryGirl” to see how I make Oreo truffle roses! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you phenomenal mommas!! May your day be filled with showers of love and affection from those who you adore most in this world.

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