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Holy freakin’ cuteness overload!

Well I don’t know about these poop cookies being “cute,” but the reason behind me making them is extremely adorable.Maria and Keven

Long story short, Keven Undergaro and Maria Menounos’ dog, Baby, has had a rough (pun intended) 2016. After almost losing her life and taking countless trips to the hospital for various tests, Baby has lived to see another birthday! This sweet little gal had turned 16!!!! And Keven and Maria are celebrating her huge milestone by throwing her a sweet sixteen birthday party!

As I’m said many times before, I’m more than grateful to have these two in my life. They’ve helped guide me and have given me multiple opportunities. And one of those opportunities has been to make treats for Baby’s sweet sixteen! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited and honored I am!

IMG_5630Right away, I began strategizing what exactly I could make. I’m making K9 food as well as human food. The recipes I’m using for the K9s are straight out of Maria’s cookbook, which you can find here!

Now for the human food… I wanted to make yummy yet cute and exciting treats, things people wouldn’t expect. And that’s when it hit me. I’ve been wanting to make meringue cookies for a while but was waiting for Christmas so we can make the meringue cookies look like Christmas trees. But nope. Now is the PERFECT time to bring out my favorite meringue recipe. I knew I just had to bring poop cookies to a doggy paw-ty!

So yes, we’re making meringue cookies look like a big pile of dog doodoo.


Plus they have chocolate so they’re extra tasty.

Take a look at the video below to see how I put together these poop cookies for Baby’s sweet sixteen!

These poop cookies are simply perfect for a doggy paw-ty but they can also be turned into the poop emoji (which I was recently told it’s supposed to be a chocolate yogurt swirl, is that true?!?!)! Or heck, you can make them just for your own well-being! They’re so much fun!

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