Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Cinco de Mayo Edition!

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Some people may argue chocolate covered strawberries are the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day. But no. Chocolate covered strawberries are the perfect treat for ANY occasion.

Example: On my first day of work at my first job right out of college, a package was delivered from Edible Arrangements. It was a box filled with 24 various kinds of chocolate covered strawberries from my parents, congratulating me (the note is hanging in my room). Another example: I had a really rough couple of days last year and I came home to chocolate covered strawberries from my roommates with a message reading “sorry life gets tough sometimes, but welcome home to your happy place!”

See, these examples weren’t even holidays but chocolate covered strawberries were absolutely appropriate in these situations.IMG_3705

Confession time: My favorite restaurant delivers chocolate covered strawberries along with the check and every time, I always take a few home with me. I may be stuffed beyond belief, but I’ll find some room in my left leg to squeeze a couple chocolate covered strawberries in there. Yeah, it’s safe to say I’m addicted to chocolate covered strawberries. They are my all-time FAVORITE dessert on this planet. Yes, I will spend $4.49 for a chocolate covered strawberry rolled in mini chocolate chips at Disneyland (#insanepersonalert). Yes, I will snag at minimum 8 chocolate covered strawberries from the buffet dessert line, all for myself (#noshame). And yes, more often than not, I buy strawberries only with the intention of dipping them in chocolate because I’m craving that bite of pure magic (#worthit).

My question of the day is: Why spend an arm and a leg on store bought chocolate covered strawberries when you can make them in your own kitchen in less than 10 minutes, only spending maximum $5? They’re super easy to make from scratch right at home!

Remember, you can make chocolate covered strawberries using any toppings (crushed almonds, crushed pecans, toffee bits, sprinkles, chocolate/white chocolate drizzle, mini chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, etc). The video above shows how I made chocolate covered strawberries in honor of Cinco de Mayo!

If you make these chocolate covered strawberries, be sure to take a picture and tag #prettylittlebakers on Instagram so I can see your awesome photos and trust me, I’ll be sure to like and comment on them!  I love seeing your creations!

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