Caramel Rice Krispies Treats – Baseball Edition!

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“Hey batter, batter, batter, swing batter.”
IMG_3212More like “hey baker, baker, baker, these caramel Rice Krispies treats are to die for and you won’t be disappointed.”

I can’t tell you how addicting these desserts are. Rice Krispies treats alone are super delicious and you can’t have just ONE bite. But when you add caramel to the mix, watch out! These puppies will be gone in minutes, you won’t even know what hit you! One second I’m watching the latest episode of Scandal, eating small bites of these caramel Rice Krispies treats and the next thing I know, the scene changes and I’m going back for seconds, thirds, even fourths. Dangerous, I must say.

The fun thing about homemade caramel Rice Krispies treats is you can make them into any shape you want! Valentine’s Day is coming up? Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter and boom, it’s perfect for the occasion! Mother’s Day is near? Use a flower-shaped cookie cutter and maybe even add a few drops of blue coloring dye to make the caramel Rice Krispies treats really pop out! Don’t even get me started on Christmas… Can you imagine how much fun a tree cookie cutter and green coloring dye with some added sprinkles would be?! Well I know what I’m making for one of my Christmas desserts!

IMG_3203This time around, I’m using a simple circle cookie cutter (or you can even use the rim of a cup) to cut my caramel Rice Krispies treats into 2-D baseballs. Why? BECAUSE OPENING DAY FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE PASTIME IS MONDAY APRIL 4, 2016! Oh and did I mention that National Caramel Day is April 5? IT’S PERFECT!!

The love of my life is a pitcher in the Chicago White Sox organization and even though he’s thousands of miles away, IMG_3147I’m still going to make these in the shape of baseballs because baseball is obviously a very big deal in our household!

Enough chit-chat, let’s go for the home run with these caramel Rice Krispies treats!

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