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FullSizeRender 17“It all started with a mouse.” – Walt Disney

No one is ever too old for Disney! And luckily these treats are so easy, truly anyone can make them, even the little kiddos in your house! These Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Oreo cookies are so stinkin’ simple and almost too precious to eat. ALMOST.FullSizeRende34214r

My best friend Josh has been working as a cast member at The Tokyo Disney Resort for the last 14 months and is finally coming back home to California! I was fortunate enough to have seen him in action and make some everlasting memories at Tokyo Disney Sea and at Tokyo Disneyland. In honor of his arrival, I decided to make this week’s PLB treat of the week Disney-themed.FullSizeRend2er

For these Oreo cookies, you’ll need a package of Double Stuf Oreos, mini Oreos, red/pink/white chocolate melts, white chocolate chips (for Mickey’s buttons), rounded white sprinkles or garnishes (for Minnie’s polka dots), and heart sprinkles (for Minnie’s bow).IMG_3288

*PLB TIP: Make sure you have a few spare Double Stuf Oreos handy because it’s likely they’ll break as you assemble the Mickey head. They’re pretty fragile and sometimes, they even come cracked in the package, unfortunately.

You can also make these Mickey/Minnie Oreo cookies into Oreo pops, simply by dipping a cake pop stick in white chocolate and inserting it into the Double Stuf Oreo. IMG_3326Either way, these cookies/Oreo pops are perfect so many different occasions, whether it be birthday parties, gifts to teachers/co-workers/friends/baristas/hair stylists, or even to pack a couple in a Ziploc bag for your children! Heck, I’m bringing these when I go wine tasting next weekend with my girlfriends; they’d go so well with a yummy dessert wine!

Hope you enjoy this recipe! If you have any questions, ask away in the comments below!

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