Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Magic Bars

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magic2Real talk- Chocolate is the solution for everything, am I right? Excited? Celebrate with chocolate! Disappointed? Reach for chocolate. Stressed? Remain calm with CHOCOLATE. There are countless times that I’ll finish up my dinner and run to the freezer to grab a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips. But that’s all in the past. I’m a new person now. magic3

Now that I’ve discovered these magic bars, there’s no turning back.

So what are magic bars, exactly? Guess what. IT’S WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT IT TO BE! Meaning, there are so many variations! From pumpkin magic bars to oatmeal cookie magic bars to cookies and cream magic bars, all of these magic bars have a crust of some sort and then they’re topped with various mix-ins. Today we’ll be making chocolate chip cookie magic bars because everyone likes chocolate chip cookies! (Note: if you don’t like chocolate chip cookies, my heart is breaking for you.)magic4

Getting back to our magic bars. The crust of our magic bars will be made with prepared chocolate chip cookie dough. Next we’ll add different mix-ins, and finally, we’ll top it all off with sweetened condensed milk. Then the whole pan goes in the oven for roughly 30 minutes, and out comes a beautiful creation.

THE BEST PART ABOUT THESE MAGIC BARS is every time you make a magic bar, you can add different mix-ins and out comes an entirely new dessert! For instance, in the video below, my toppings are white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, pretzels, walnuts, and Reese’s Minis. But next time, I want to try white chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, toffee bits, caramel bits, pecans, and M&Ms. And then perhaps the time after that, I’ll swap out the white chocolate chips for peanut butter chips and top the chips off with Kit Kats and cashews! See, the possibilities are endless!

Question: If we were to each bake something entirely different, how many magic bars would we bake until we ran out of options?

…I’ll stick to baking, the mathematicians can solve that one.

Now about the sweetened condensed milk. This actually binds everything together. After sprinkling on all of your toppings, you may find it’s a bit difficult to press all of the toppings into the chocolate chip cookie dough (because there are so many toppings and not enough space to push everything into the dough). But don’t you fret, sweetened condensed milk is here to save the day. The milk helps keep everything in place, plus it adds a little bit more sweetness to every bite.

PLB TIP: You can absolutely use any toppings you want, but keep in mind that adding something salt to your chocolate chip magic bars may truly perfect your dessert. That’s why I like nuts and pretzels. I bet sunflower seeds would taste yummy too!magic1JPG

Let me know what toppings you enjoy on your chocolate chip magic bars! I’m always up to try new things (especially if it involves chocolate)! Don’t forget to take a pic and post it on Twitter/Instagram and tag Pretty Little Bakers, I’ll retweet/repost it!

Any suggestions for future PLB dessert tutorials? Sound off below!

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