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If it’s salty and sweet, BRING IT, BABY!

IMG_0634Our taste buds go bananas when eating something something salty and sweet. Whether we’re talking zebra popcorn, chocolate covered potato chips, bacon maple bar donuts, French fries dipp in milk shakes, or pretzels and chocolate, it all satisfies that craving in all of us. Oh gosh, now I’m dreaming about indulging in all of these foods – good going, Kell. Oh desserts, why do you do this to me?!

But let’s be honest, making a bacon maple bar donut isn’t exactly fast, easy, nor convenient. But you know what is? 







Caramel pretzel bites are one of my go-to treats. They’re super easy to make and HIGHLY addictive. I’m such a texture eater and this dessert satisfies both the crunch and the chewy tastes that I love. But trust me, it’s not just me who’s head over heels in love with these bad boys. IMG_9187Caramel pretzel bites are a major crowd pleaser and every single time I make them, they’re always gone in minutes! And, better yet, sticking with the PLB motto that “anyone can bake,” these bite-sized desserts are crazy perfect for any human being ranging from ages 4-infinity to make. They’re super simple to assemble!

My momma and I first made caramel pretzel bites last year for Christmas.FullSizeRender She ended up gifting some to neighbors, co-workers, and friends, and I gave some to my roommates, co-workers, and friends, as well as my stomach. And let me tell you, everyone (including my tummy) was very much appreciative.
IMG_1709Good news is, these caramel pretzel bites can be made and decorated for any occasion all year long! Heck, I’ve made these multiple times just because I was craving them! There’s always a reason to justify making caramel pretzel bites, occasion or not! 😛

Plus, you can be creative and add whatever your heart desires to these puppies! Almonds, pecans, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, toffee bits, crushed candy canes, Oreos, the possibilities are endless! Feel free to have fun with these treats! Because at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing – that you’re having fun!


Enough reading, let’s start baking!

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