Christmas Tree Brownies

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You know the prepackaged the brownie mixture from the store where all you need to add is eggs and water and boom, you have brownies that taste very processed and unnatural? Yeah, these are the opposite of that.

These are the richest, moistest brownies I’ve ever had in my life. They’re better than the brownies in elementary school, they’re better than the brownies from Starbucks, ugh, they’re just pure perfection.

My momma has had this brownie recipe in her back pocket for as long as I can remember. Thank you momma for sharing it with me because they’re so freakin easy to make and they’re absolutely delicious!! ?

Almost everyday in high school, I would come home, make a batch of brownie batter, never actually bake the brownies but would eat the batter straight out of the pan instead. Thank goodness we were forced to do P.E. everyday. Oh how I miss those daily workouts in school.

I use something in this recipe that I haven’t used in any other recipe-unsweetened German chocolate squares. These squares are where the pure, rich chocolate flavor comes from. Once the sugar is added to the melted chocolate squares and butter, this batter becomes instantly sweet. But there’s a reason we are using unsweetened chocolate squares instead of already sweetened German chocolate squares. The unsweetened chocolate squares allow the brownies to be a bit fudgier and firmer, which is exactly why these brownies are so rich once they’re baked!

One word of caution: don’t over mix the flour into the batter… once the streaks of flour disappear completely, stop! Over mixing will cause the brownies to be tough.

To make these Christmas tree brownies, I used a Christmas tree cookie cutter. I’ve also simply cut the brownies in triangles and they still turned out looking fantastic! No Christmas tree cookie cutter, no problem!

Alright Pretty Little Bakers, let’s head into the kitchen and start baking!