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Salted Caramel Shortbread Cookies

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You ask my momma what her favorite cookie is, she’ll always tell you “oh, definitely shortbread. Nothing else compares.” Now my dad and I are more fans of the classic chocolate chip cookie, but I will never turn down a good shortbread…

Perfecting Macarons

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This last Christmas, I asked Santa for my mom and me to be able to take a French Macarons class at the astounded San Francisco Baking Institute. Shout out to Santa for giving me the greatest gift of all time - a day full of baking with my momma. Momma…

Christmas Shortbread Cookies

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The shortbread cookie. The ultimate melt-in-your-mouth, tiny cloud, little piece of heaven cookie. One might call it basic, while one might spend countless nights dreaming about this perfect cookie. I am proud to admit that I do the latter. I’ve…

Mermaid Desserts

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Mermaids are SO in right now! Whether people are dressing up as a mermaid take to take Insta-worthy beach pics or they’re coloring their hair in all the colors of the rainbow, “mermaiding” is the thing. A friend of mine was throwing…

Monster Haystacks

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Oh my gosh Halloween is right around the corner!! It's the one night of the year where you can be anything you want and there will be no judgment! In fact, in my world, the crazier your costume, the cooler you are!!! I love when people go…

Mini Pumpkin Pie Bites

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Happy almost Thanksgiving, Pretty Little Bakers! If you're visiting this blog for the first time thanks to Livermore Valley Wine Country, welcome! You're in for a real treat! Fall is in full swing. Whether we’re talkin’ pumpkin spice…

Moana-themed Desserts!

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Friends! You know how I feel about Disney! ?

Peanut Butter (and Chocolate) Cookies

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Have I mentioned how much I love peanut butter (well, the crunchy kind, more specifically)? Let’s just say if I were allergic, I’d still probably stuff my face with it. The obsession is real. Some of you may feel the same way when…

Oreo Truffle Roses - Mother's Day Edition!

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Mother's Day is on Sunday and I still haven’t gotten a gift for my momma. #HELP If I order something online at this point, it may not get here on time (unless I’m ordering it from Amazon Prime, holla) so it’s time to get creative. In…

One Minute Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Mug Cake

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Hey there Pretty Little Bakers! We may have some new friends checking out this recipe!  Hello EveryGirls, so lovely to meet you! Can’t wait to join you on this journey every month through Maria’s newsletter. We’re going to have so much…