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Summertime and the living is easy, my friends. When summer rolls around, it’s time to bring out the beach chairs, the BBQs, the late night bonfires, and most importantly, the sundaes! There’s that part in all of us where we love being that kid who puts topping after topping after topping on our ice cream, then we finish creating our sundaes with a cherry on top. Well this homemade sundae topping is one of the best ones you’ll find all around! Fudge is the name of the game and I’d be shocked to see this last longer than 24 hours in your household. It lasted about five hours in mine. Or maybe it was three. Ugh you got me – it was only two. Okay fine!! We ate our ice cream with this chocolate fudge recipe before we ate dinner!!

My favorite part about hot chocolate fudge (besides completely devouring it) is watching it drip onto the cold ice cream, thus creating steam. And watching it thicken up as it falls onto the ice cream, oh my gosh, I’m totally salivating right now!!!

Do you have 5 minutes? GOOD. ‘Cause that’s all you’ll need for this homemade chocolate fudge recipe! Go ahead, try it! And let me know if you managed to keep it in Mason jars for longer than 10 minutes!