Cookie Dough Truffle Egg Surprise!

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Searching for Easter eggs are always a blast in a glass for little kiddos out there, but who says you can’t enjoy a little fun and games as a an adult? Inside each truffle lies a chocolate dipped pretzel, adding a salty crunch to the sweet cookie dough… what a fun surprise!

I must give my boyfriend full credit for this one… I recently made chocolate chip cookie dough truffles and I must admit, it was insanely sweet. After trying one, my boyfriend had the brilliant beyond brilliant idea to add a chocolate dipped pretzel in the center to add some crunch and salt. Yes, this is why I love him. #genius

Starting with the inner most part of the truffle (the pretzel), we dipped the pretzel in dark chocolate. If we wrapped cookie dough around a bare pretzel, the pretzel would have a shelf life of only a few days until it became soggy. Therefore, by dipping the pretzel in chocolate, the pretzel now has a shell that prevents it from coming in contact with the cookie dough directly.

Next, we have the eggless cookie dough. Our chocolate chip cookie dough requires milk instead of egg so it’s entirely safe to eat! We use mini chocolate chips, which make the cookie dough super fun to eat.

And finally, for the coating, we utilize dark chocolate melts instead of milk, semi-sweet, or white chocolate melts, simply because the bitterness of the dark chocolate dampens down the richness of the cookie dough, making it to be the perfect bite-sized dessert! #winning

The most fun part about this treat is the fact that it can be decorated for any holiday or any event – it doesn’t need to be decorated for easter. If you’re wanting to create cookie dough truffles with a chocolate dipped pretzel inside, you can definitely reshape the truffle so it’s more rounded and less oval. Take Valentine’s Day, for instance! These cookie dough truffles can be shaped into a heart and dipped and decorated for your love. You can drizzle with different colors or even top with a variety of sprinkles. This is creativity at it’s finest, my friends!

Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you enjoy these eggless chocolate chip cookie dough truffles with a fun surprise in the center!