Shortbread Cookies - Mother's Day Edition!

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Mother’s Day - one of my favorite holidays, simply because I absolutely love my momma. My momma deserves more than a holiday to recognize how special she is. Luckily we all treat her like the queen that she is on the regular. But when Mother’s…

Peanut Butter (and Chocolate) Cookies

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Have I mentioned how much I love peanut butter (well, the crunchy kind, more specifically)? Let’s just say if I were allergic, I’d still probably stuff my face with it. The obsession is real. Some of you may feel the same way when…

Poké Ball Cookies

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Stand by for battle, we’re about to make Poké Ball cookies! By now the whole world has heard of Pokémon Go. It’s quickly become the biggest mobile game in U.S. history. Perhaps you’re not playing Pokémon Go, but I’m sure you know…