You ask my momma what her favorite cookie is, she’ll always tell you “oh, definitely shortbread. Nothing else compares.” Now my dad and I are more fans of the classic chocolate chip cookie, but I will never turn down a good shortbread cookie. After spending a few hours at Sterling’s brunch in Reno, Nevada (yes, […]

This last Christmas, I asked Santa for my mom and me to be able to take a French Macarons class at the astounded San Francisco Baking Institute. Shout out to Santa for giving me the greatest gift of all time – a day full of baking with my momma. Momma and I have made French […]

There is something so insanely precious about cake pops. They’re so freakin’ adorable, so easy to make, and they can be so versatile. Once you get the basics down of making a cake pop, the possibilities are endless! To make simple cake pops, just follow these steps: make a cake make frosting crumble cake into […]