Does anyone else struggle with figuring out what to gift your momma for Mother’s Day? If you’re like me, I’m always stumped around this time of the year. My momma’s my best friend, this should be easy!

Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop for Mother’s Day, but this year I thought, why buy something online when I can easily make something in my kitchen and ship to my momma instead? (I’m living in southern California and my parents live up in the SF Bay Area)That’s when I decided to make these flower pretzel bites. My momma loves snacking on things throughout the day so this will be the perfect treat! Plus, THEY’RE SO STINKIN’ SIMPLE!


Flower pretzel bites are completely irresistible. Every bite has that salty crunch from the pretzel plus that sugary sweet chocolate from the white chocolate and the M&Ms. These are the perfect springtime snack! If you have pastel M&Ms, that’s a major plus!

And even though I’m making these for Mother’s Day, they can definitely be made year round! Flower pretzel bites would be great in the fall if you use brown/yellow/orange M&Ms, or even if you use Reese’s Pieces! Those would be a great alternate flavor in addition to M&Ms.

Watch the video above to see how to make flower pretzel bites, I’m telling you, they’re so easy! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day everyone!

Flower Pretzel Bites – Mother’s Day Edition

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Flower Pretzel Bites – Mother’s Day Edition


  • Pretzel snaps
  • White chocolate candy melts
  • M&Ms
  • Plate (or SMALL baking sheet)
  • Wax or parchment paper
  • Microwave


  1. Place wax paper on top of plate.
  2. Lay between 8-12 pretzels on the wax paper, not touching each other if possible.
  3. Add a single white chocolate candy melt in the center of each pretzel.
  4. Microwave pretzels for about 45 seconds (each microwave is different so keep an eye on the pretzels). Heat the candy melts just long enough so they’re at the beginning stage of being melted. They should be soft to the touch and melted just enough so M&Ms can be placed in the center but not too melty to the to the point where the white chocolate is running off the sides of the pretzel.
  5. Place an M&M directly in the center of the candy melt for the flower center. To make flower petals, add six more M&Ms. *TIP: Make sure to place the “M” side DOWN.
  6. Leave pretzels on wax lined plate for about an hour to let the white chocolate set completely or place in fridge for about 15 minutes.
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